Through everything you have been through, you can choose to see the dismal, depressing, desperate state of life and being. Or, you can see that which is often not seen…

Through the darkness, you became more aware of the light.

Through the tears, you developed unfathomable compassion.

Through the fear, you discovered courage.

Through the suffering, you gained resiliency.

Through the betrayals, you grew to identify those unsafe or toxic.

Through the lies, you determined to have transparency.

Through the violation, you learned how to set boundaries.

Through the brokenness, you saw beauty in imperfection.

Through the judgement, you grew grace for making mistakes.

Through the abuse, you found true love.

Through the evil, you were lead to the truth.

Through the devastation, sorrow, and suffering, you came out on the other side a better, stronger, more caring and courageous person than those who tried to break you down.

So you might be having a bad day… But look how far you’ve come. You are here. Breathing. Alive. And that doesn’t just count for something — that counts for everything!