inward beauty

I have to admit, I get conscious of my body, face, hair, you name it. The crows feet from laughing and crying. The flab on my belly and stretch marks on my thighs from having 2 healthy babies. The un-pedicured feet from playing outside with my kids barefoot. I see all the imperfections, and I am guilty of wanting them gone… to look perfect.

But then I see friends post “before” pictures that are skinnier than I am (and I’m skinny!). And I hear other friends talk about how they HAVE to wear makeup because if I only saw their [eyes, lips, blemishes, fill in the blank] without it. I hear of friends getting breast implants, and tummy tucks. Of working out so much, not to be healthy (they already are), but to maintain a certain look.

While I am guilty just as everyone else, I don’t realize it until I hear it from the mouth’s of other people — Which makes me realize: If I don’t hear it from myself, but I hear from others, what does my daughter hear? And what does she think? About Mommy? About Girls? About Herself?

We work so hard to teach our growing girls that beauty comes from the inside, while we stare in our magnified mirrors analyzing our eyebrows and upper lips. I feel we have failed our daughters in what we set out to accomplish. I have at least. And without even realizing it. Actions always speak louder than words.