Love and Scars

Here’s the thing: Some of you may have physical scars that you can see. On your wrists, on your arms, on your thighs. Some of you have scars on the inside, that aren’t visible to anyone except you. On your heart, on your mind, on your soul. It doesn’t matter where those scars are, or how they got there. What matters is that they are there, and you are here. Those scars are a testament of your strength and courage. They are not marks of shame. We are all broken. We all have a past. No one is different, some of us just cover it up better than others. We cover ourselves in makeup, and trendy clothes, and happy faces… while underneath it all we look the same in some way or another.

Granted, each of us has our own unique story and experiences that are unlike anyone else’s. But while may have different stories, we still have the same need: to be loved, respected, and accepted… no matter where we come from, what baggage we carry, or what scars we bear. Your scars are a sign of your strength, not your weakness. They are a reflection of your courage, not a measure of your fears. They are not a marker of shame, rather a marker fighting a battle and surviving. You are not dead. You are here. And you have a life to live, and lives to change ­ starting with your own. Because you are beautiful, and needed… in ways right now you don’t even know. So keep going… keep breathing… keep waking up every day determined once more to face your fears, to refuse to back down, and take one step more on this journey called life. And let your scars be a motivation to you.