Hey there,

Welcome and kudos to recommitting to yourself!

You’ve carved out time to watch this video training, and I’m celebrating your decision to recommit to becoming the person you were meant to be (that idyllic “future you” that feels so far out of reach at times).

You can watch the video here (it’s shorter than an episode of Downton Abbey. Grab a cup of hot tea and enjoy!)

In this video you’re going to learn:

  • Why you’re stuck in survival mode (despite the years of hard work you’ve done to get out)
  • How to get to the core of old patterns and thought loops, so you can stop dealing with layer after layer (and so you can stop needing a two-hour morning routine just to maintain feeling “normal”)
  • What to change on the “inside” to create a different life on the “outside” (this common reversal is why that “high” you feel after a promotion or a new client never lasts long)

In case you’re wondering who the heck is leading this training, I’ll give you the short version (and maybe someday we’ll have a chance to sit down and swap life stories in full!).

My work in maximum achievement coaching began one night when I was sleeping in the backseat of my Acura MDX in a McDonald’s parking lot. I felt like everything was over.

Only a few hours earlier I had been at home surrounded by my loving husband and two kids, finishing an organic strawberry spinach salad, having just completed one of the most life-changing coaching calls for my clients, with a new $20,000 client deal sitting on the table waiting for a signature on the dotted line.

By all outward appearances, I was living the high-ticket, high-performer, well-balanced, family-focused, entrepreneur’s dream.

So how in the F did I end up here? Smelling like a crappy quarter pounder and fries, Googling “how to live in your car… by choice”?!

I loved my family and I loved my business, but I was desperate for a break.

As a high-achiever anything I do, I do with World class excellence. I am one of the hardest working tenacious people I know. Yet, at the time, those were the very things that were killing me.

I was so depleted, exhausted, and drained. I didn’t have the energy it took to do the work necessary at the level I knew it deserved and needed to be done.

And so, because I don’t settle and I don’t do sub-par, I opted for complete and utter abandonment of all I loved and held dear…

That set me off on quite the journey.

– I let go “who I was” and became the person I had always desired to be.

– I traveled across the country making memories with my family while crushing my business goals working 20 hours a week.

– I tackled a passion project I had been dreaming of for years and wrote my first book.

– I built not one, but three businesses, in 12 months.

And that journey eventually brought me here — to helping high-performers just like you become the person you are meant to be (before trauma, or neglect, or the messiness of life turned you into someone you had to be, just to survive).

I will send you an email tomorrow sharing more of my story, so stay tuned!

Until then, happy watching!