Hey there, I'm Carissa...

Are books your sanctuary? Your safe place? 

I get it. Because they are for me, too.

Growing up, I never thought of being a writer. A professional basketball player? A Broadway actress? A therapist? Absolutely! ...But an author? Nope, not at all.

Yet I was always reading. And when I wasn't reading, I was writing. Not for others, but for myself. As a way of making sense of the world within me and the world outside of me.

Reading was my escape. Writing was my relief.

Children's books were—and still are—my favorite books to read. They're wicked smart (both children and children's books), and a lot more fun & interesting than adult stories in my opinion.

So when it dawned on me in my 30's to write fiction, I knew I wanted to write for children and adults who've held on to their inner spark.

I believe in the power of books and people. Both those who write them and those who read them.

And I believe there is great magic in the *tiniest flickers* of hope, love, and light.

Thank you for being here. Living, breathing, reading. You matter.

💚 Carissa

I was born and raised in an itty-bitty East Texas town about forty miles North of Houston. Now I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Amish country. Whether I'm driving by cowboys on horses or horses-and-buggies, both places feel like home.

I have two dogs who are equal parts adorable and annoying. I also have a husband and two teenagers. They are adorable as well but far less annoying since they don't bark at squirrels and can clean up their own poop.

Old enough to get excited about a new vacuum or washing machine as a birthday gift. If the idea of a cleaning gadget sounds like the worst gift ever, 1) you're not wrong, and 2) I'm probably older than you.

I won't clog up your inbox with annoying emails, and I'll never share or sell your info. Pinky promise!