Carissa Magras : Writer. Human. Work in progress.


Writer. Human. Work in progress.

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Hey there…

I write children’s books full of humor, hope, and heart because books saved my life as a child. They gave me an escape from my dad’s abuse and kept hope alive until I found my way out of the darkness.

I believe our mistakes, failures, and broken parts are what make us works of art and that each of us is a masterpiece-in-progress.

I believe there is great power in small flickers of hope, light, and love.

And more than anything, I believe the world is a better place because you’re in it… so thank you… for being. I’m glad you’re here.

💚 Carissa

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*Warning: I have lots of strengths, but social media isn’t one of them.

So whatever your expectations are, if you lower those then we both might be okay. 😉

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