Carissa Magras | The Survivor’s Manifesto
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The Survivor’s Manifesto

As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, I know how isolating, silencing, and painful it can be to live with such hidden scars.


After meeting countless people – and hearing their stories, struggles, and suffering – I wanted to create a book that would help others just like us to be heard… seen… understood.


My hope is that this short, but powerful, read will make a difference in your life and in the lives of others you know.


You are not alone.

Your story is not over.

Your past does not have to dictate your future, nor define who you – or who you want to become.


We cannot change the first chapters of our life, but we can take back the pen and write the rest of our story.


Here’s to Survivors,
– Carissa

The Survivors Manifesto
Carissa Magras
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