Part 5

Building a Fan Club vs. Freebie Community

Written by Carissa Magras

Published: June 10, 2019 | Last Updated: June 17, 2019

When Martin came to me he had over five books with stellar reviews on Amazon and almost 7,000 email subscribers with a phenomenal open rate. By all outward appearances it looked like he had nailed the marketing puzzle.


Except none of his audience were buying his books, despite having released an entire series!


He wanted my help but in good conscience I couldn’t take him on as a client until I knew WHY no one was buying – and whether or not I could actually help. We hopped on a call for me to evaluate his entire marketing system, and within 20 minutes I discovered the problem:


His entire audience were freebie-seekers, not actual fans.


His high engagement rate wasn’t from people buying his books – it was them getting books for free! The moment he actually had a book for sale, they ignored it. They weren’t fans, they were moochers. Sure, he had built a list but it was good for nothing. And this list of freebie collectors and passive followers – that he had worked relentlessly to build – was sucking the life out of him.


Traditional online marketing tactics attract thousands of freebie-seekers (and practically zero fans), because they are more concerned with the numbers than they are with the people each number represents.


Raving fans are HAPPY to pay you for your work, share you with their world, and invite you into new opportunities.

And when you create a community where the majority are raving fans, everything changes.


Scott struggled to grow his list despite blogging weekly for years. He watched as good friends and colleagues landed publishing deals. And while he was happy for them, he also secretly felt more and more like a “less than” failure. He knew he had a message that the world needed to hear, but truly felt at the end of his rope in knowing how to get it out there.


Going through my process, Scott revamped his entire marketing machine to follow the Book Buyer’s Path. He also stopped blogging and stopped giving way to the “latest shiny idea” that prominent, trustworthy influencers were telling him he needed to do via their regularly curated content.


The result? He had way more time on his hands. His belief in himself and in his dreams were restored. And for the first time ever, his audience consistently grew – and not just a list of numbers, but a list of fans.


It grew so much that when he decided to create a video course for these new fans, he sold enough that it paid for his entire investment (and then some) in our work together.

Traditional online marketing tactics focus on growing numbers, while marketing that follows the Book Buyer’s Path focuses on growing relationships.


There are a dozen entrepreneurs out there that help authors get 10,000 (or even 100,000) email addresses. It isn’t enough to just focus on building a large audience – that audience has to be the right audience for what you write about. Otherwise, what’s the point of it all? We call these “vanity metrics” – numbers that look good, but don’t actually accomplish anything.


Because at the end of the day, email addresses don’t sell books, land publishing contracts, or create massive impact. Only PEOPLE can do that.


Email addresses don’t mean anything if the people behind them aren’t your people: fans who love who you are, what you do, and want more of it.


Which is why I’ve created a one-of-a-kind process for creating a 10,000-member fan club — filled with people who LOVE hearing from you, buy everything you create, and become a built-in “launch team” for all your future projects (so you aren’t starting your marketing efforts over from scratch every time you have something new).

This comprehensive process involves going out and bringing in the right readers, turning your website into a virtual bookstore so everyone who “comes in” follows the predictable path they are already conditioned to in brick-and-mortar bookstores, and nurturing them in a way that keeps them on your email list so you don’t lose them once you have them.


And the best part? It’s all automated.


Once you set it up and “flip the ON switch”, it will do everything for you.


Take Science Fiction author, Nathan, for example… He had 42 email subscribers starting out, and within the first 60 days added 377 NEW readers (in his sleep, on autopilot) – none of which unsubscribed AND 54.62% clicked to read his short stories and buy his first book. These aren’t random people we’re adding to his list. These are highly-engaged FANS. And he hasn’t even gone through the first “filter” yet (a part of my process where we use your best fans to refine the audience even more, so your numbers just keep getting better).

While Nathan just recently implemented this process (you can see the date in the top-right corner), Katie has had hers going for about a year and a half now. Coming in with 2,177 email subscribers, she now has over 21,000 fans across multiple genres – with 18,018 of those being ACTIVE, engaged contacts. All done on autopilot, with the maintenance and nurturing of said-audience taking about 3 hours a week or less.

“Readers On Demand ended up being the missing piece in my life (not just with my writing and marketing.) In fact, I’ve been looking for it for a long time but just didn’t know what I was missing. Within two weeks of working with RODW and doing exactly what Carissa said, I realized I’d found it. My whole mindset on myself, my worth, my work, and my focus has shifted. To say that literally everything has changed understates it. What I’ve done isn’t just affecting my career. It’s affecting my entire life.”

- Katie C. | Award-Winning Fantasy & Chicklit Author

Most growth like this (when using other online marketing strategies) does so at the expense of connection, adding more junk to their subscriber’s inbox. The way I teach my clients to implement the Book Buyer’s Path though doesn’t compromise connection, it actually increases it.


Look at these replies that clients (fiction and non-fiction writers alike) have received from their fans regarding their emails… 

While this is a proven systematic process, it is NOT a course or formula. Every author, audience, and market is different.

Which is why I coach people through the ENTIRE process. This requires more time and more effort on my end, and a limited number of people I can serve at any one time – but it also means a 100% Client Satisfaction Rate.

“I felt inadequate to follow my dreams and didn’t know where to look for help. After working with Carissa I definitely felt more confident in myself, my abilities, and my future. Carissa is an amazing mentor who will be there for your success. The entire experience has been amazing.” 

- Kristen

“I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, and I was nervous making such a big investment, especially with someone I barely knew. I am so grateful I went with my gut and joined Carissa’s program. Both Carissa and RODW far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend her or her program highly enough.” 

- Chrysten

“My attitude toward my writing has changed. I don’t doubt myself and make excuses anymore. I don’t feel like a failure anymore. I feel energized and motivated to keep taking the next step. I used to think anyone could write and publish a picture book – well, sure, they can, but they don’t. I’m actually doing it! I like having steps to follow and a process to trust so I don’t get overwhelmed. Thank you, Carissa!” 

- JJ

This is also not for everyone because the truth is not everyone has the right building blocks in place to be successful, and therefore aren’t ready for this type of marketing and platform growth.


So by letting everyone in I’d be taking people’s money in exchange for something they don’t really need. And I have a non-negotiable oath that I take extremely seriously around here: People Before Profit. Period.


This is why there’s no “buy now” button. There’s nothing for sale here. You can’t buy anything.


Here’s what you can do though – if you’re ready to build a fan club, be rid of the marketing migraines, get your books into the world, and have a comprehensive system that can create consistent and automatic revenue – then click the button below to request an invitation.

This invitation will take you to a questionnaire, and if – only if – you have the specific building blocks in place to be successful, will we talk about working together to implement this process for yourself.

“I felt like I had no support in the book industry and like I was completely lost. I had no one to ask questions of and no direction to go, it was just a cloudy blank world. It was making me feel like I was never going to get published and was incredibly disheartening/blocking my creative juices.

Now [after RODW] I have a website and am working on building my 10k list to entice publishers and have a ton of people to sell to and serve with this book. Getting a website up, that was the biggest difference, and knowing what to write on it. I have wanted that for years. 

Carissa is phenomenal help, super generous, you won’t regret having her on your side. If you’re lost with all the options out there, she will guide you.”

- Anthia Gillick | Actress & Personal Development Author

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