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Carissa is a smart, caring, and compassionate person who is committed to excellence in everything she does. I’ve had the privilege of working with Carissa in several different ways and have witnessed her dedication as an author, speaker, trainer, coach, and most importantly, a friend.


When she decides to pursue something important to her, she’s an unstoppable force, and yet she does it with wisdom and grace while encouraging others along the way. She’s a brilliant businesswoman who’s gifted in both casting a huge vision and being able to break things down into manageable pieces so the right things get done and the vision comes to pass. It’s extremely rare to see people operate with excellence in both, and Carissa seems to do it with ease.


Aside from her professional life, what I admire most is how Carissa does it all while being 100% committed to her priority, her family. As busy as she gets, she doesn’t permit herself to be so consumed by her work that she neglects the people who matter most to her; her husband and children.


Business Growth Strategist


I was in a job that I liked, but it didn’t provide me with the life I truly wanted. I wanted freedom and the opportunity to impact people on a much larger scale. I was trying to learn the “secret” on how to escape my 9-5, while still providing for my family.


I felt stuck and could tell it was impacting me in other areas of my life, too! I was double-minded, trying to balance my full-time gig and the one that I truly wanted.


Carissa, with one question, changed my perspective on my situation. By simply asking me when I was going to take the next step (and sharing her personal journey), gave me the confidence to take the leap on my own.


I was able to quit my job and am now happily doing what I love…helping other kids find their passion and using their natural strengths and abilities to reach their full potential.


Carissa has a heart of gold and is 100% in your corner. She truly cares about your results. In a world where so much fake authenticity exists, Carissa embodies a selfless persona…and I can’t recommend her enough!


“When I took the leap to reach out to Carissa, I was burnt out in my job, with no idea how to get out, while quietly hoping that one day I could pursue my bigger dreams that always seemed too big to achieve.


Being burnt out and overstretched in a job is exhausting. The stress affected every area of my life – my marriage, my relationship with my children, my health and my spiritual well-being. I was empty and going through the motions without a plan to make a change.


I cannot explain how transformational it was to work with Carissa. I have worked with multiple therapists, attended spiritual retreats, and read numerous self-help books in the hope of overcoming past trauma. Some of those activities helped, some of them were short-term band-aids, and some of those were simply a waste of time. Working with Carissa, however, was far and away one of the best investments of my life.


Carissa helped me identify that my fundamental blind spot was my view of self. Because of my abilities and accomplishments, it was hard for others and myself to recognize how warped my self-image was. But deep at my core, I was still fighting the messages that childhood and even adult trauma ingrained in me.


Carissa’s coaching and her program fundamentally changed my outlook on life in a way that I did not understand was possible. I have more self-confidence, I have more patience and joy as a mother, and I was able to walk away from a stress-filled job and begin to pursue my long-held career goals.


I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, and I was nervous making such a big investment, especially with someone I barely knew. I am so grateful I went with my gut and joined Carissa’s program.


Both Carissa and her program far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend her or her program highly enough.”