You’ve endured some serious crap, and don’t want your past to dictate your future or define your identity.

I’m here to help you to live your best life without your past holding you back or tripping you up.

You can’t change the first few chapters of your life, but you can take back the pen and write your best story.

Which best describes you right now?

Survivor | Fighter

“I’m struggling with self-doubt, boundaries, burn-out, and wondering if it’s really possible to get off this emotional roller coaster ride?”


Author | Influencer

“I’m ready to share my story and spread my message to the world, but don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing my book…”


Whether writing books, speaking at events, or coaching authors & change-agents, my mission is the same:

To help you become the best version of yourself, to not be dictated by your past experiences, but to believe (and achieve) more than you ever thought you were capable while living a life of peace, freedom, connection, and fulfillment.


You’re a fighter and overcomer, but the challenges you experienced in childhood are still getting in the way of you fulfilling your greatest potential with confidence and security.


Enduring sexual and emotional abuse from the age of 6, I know what it’s like to not feel good enough, to not belong, to feel broken, and like no matter how hard you work, life as you desire it constantly remains just out of reach.


Through years of toil and discovery, I crawled my way out of the darkness into the glorious light, and am here to share my stories, breakthroughs, and lessons so your past doesn’t win and you can live life greater than you thought possible (and much sooner than you imagined).