Carissa Magras | Fantasy Author and Sexual Abuse Survivor
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Into the Forbidden Forest


A teenage girl, orphaned by her mother and abused by her father, escapes into the woods discovering a secret, enchanted world that has been anticipating her arrival for over three hundred years to end an evil king’s reign of terror.


Will she let her past dictate her future, plunging her deeper into the darkness?


Or will she overcome in spite of it all to stop the King and save the people?

Read the First 3 Chapters Now

Carissa Magras

Survivors of sexual abuse often feel the gut-wrenching pain of being broken, silenced, and isolated. Like a poison, it can consume every area of one’s life, leaving behind a devastation of shame, inner turmoil, and life-long questioning.

As a survivor myself, I write books that not only entertain, but also inspire and empower. Into the Forbidden Forest addresses a very real, very unfortunate, heinous epidemic. The main character – Saca (Say-kuh) – is a hero girls can identify with, and adults can relate to. My goal with this particular series was to share a story that is safe, yet not silent; a book that shows how real life can be, while empowering people of all ages to rise above what we are given.

We cannot change the first chapters of our life, but we can take back the pen and write the rest of our story. – Carissa

Together, we can be the change.

I believe we should make the greatest impact possible with the time and resources we are given in this world, which is why a portion of all revenue is given to fund counseling services for those affected by childhood sexual inappropriateness and trauma.
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